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Stop Funding Misinformation.

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Our story

We call on brands advertising on sites to stop funding misinformation. 

Stop Funding Misinformation was set up in 2019 by people who were concerned about the rapid rise in misinformation.

Since we launched, we’ve seen one of our target fake news sites completely shut down, and the capacity of several others reduce significantly as a result of us damaging their ability to raise revenue.

We are pro-truth, pro-balance and pro-responsible news. We invite brands and people to consider whether they want their adverts to appear next to hate and untruths. (Spoiler alert: turns out paying for hate and misinformation is not a great look.)

By helping hate-filled clickbait and misinformation gain revenue from advertising, Google has put money ahead of morality, and advantaged outrage over facts. Together, our supporters who tweet, email and donate help bend the arc of morality back towards justice. It’s pretty simple.

To learn more about how misinformation is funded by adverts, and how we fight against it, read our briefing:

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