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Climate Change Denial.

Climate change is an enormous crisis facing the global population. 


By blocking these climate change sites from your ads, brans can reduce their income and in turn reduce their impact. Clicks from these sites aren't just a waste of money – you won't find many good customers on these sites – but by taking action you're playing a vital role in pushing back against the spread of misinformation and, in turn, supporting the fight against climate change denialism.

We've identified GoogleAds-funded misinformation sites that we hope brands will take action against as they are doing some of the worst damage when it comes to spreading climate change misinformation. They are:


1. Watts Up With That (WUWT)

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About WUWT

  • The blog Watts Up With That (WUWT) primarily publishes articles critical of mainstream climate change science. 

  • The blog features material disputing the scientific consensus on climate change, including claims the human role in global warming is insignificant and carbon dioxide is not a driving force of warming.

Read about WUWT

2. Electroverse

Screenshot 2021-05-07 at 12.17.48.png


Electroverse has

Read about Electroverse

3. Breitbart

Screenshot 2021-05-07 at 12.23.52.png


Breitbart has:

  • Claimed that 'man-made' global warming is a hoax and frequently publishes posts that deny global warming or call it a scam

  • Claimed that "there is no evidence that the Arctic is melting significantly or that sea level is rising.”

Read about Breitbart

4. Climate Depot

Screenshot 2021-05-10 at 15.07.42.png


Climate Depot has: 

  • Consistently pushed Climate Change denial and misinformation 

  • Climate Depot is run by prominent climate change sceptic, Marc Morano who’s previously called for public flogging of climate scientists

Read about Climate Depot

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