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By blocking these COVID-19 misinformation sites from your ads, you can reduce their income and in turn reduce their impact. Clicks from these sites aren't just a waste of money – you won't find many good customers on these sites – but by taking action you're playing a vital role in pushing back against the spread of misinformation and, in turn, the spread of the virus.

We've identified six GoogleAds-funded misinformation sites that we hope you will take action against as they are doing some of the worst damage when it comes to spreading COVID-19 misinformation. They are:

1. Zero Hedge 

2. G News (No longer receiving ads thanks to this campaign)

3. Waking Times

4. Great Game India

5. Global Research

6. Voice of Europe (Shutdown thanks to this campaign)

COVID anchor

Thanks to all the brands who have taken part in the #LiesCostLives campaign:

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